Before your visit, please inform yourself about the bag control, the film and photo ban and the wardrobe obligations.

Security checking

Please note that we carry out checks on people and bags at the entrance. Dangerous and prohibited items can not be taken into the theater. These include deodorants, hairspray, compressed gas containers, flammable liquids, pyrotechnic articles, selfie sticks, laser pointers, GoPros, and professional photo equipment, pointed objects and weapons.

Due to the controls at the entrance we suggest you to come at the theater an hour before the beginning of the show. The performances start on time. It is not possible to enter late.

Filming and pictures are not allowed

Please note that there is a strict ban on pictures and videos during the performace. If unauthorized recordings take place, the theater staff is instructed to delete them. Carrying a professional camera equipement is not allowed in the hall of the theater and will be checked at the entrance.

Wardrobe instructions

Suitcases and backpacks bigger than an A4 format cannot be taken in the theater hall. This also applies for bicycle, helmets and umbrellas. Heavy jackets and coats must also be handed over the wardrobe.

These guidelines are for the only purpose of the safety of our visitors. We would like to ask you not to bring bags and other items with you to leave them in the car or to hand them over the cloakroom.


Cirque du Soleil

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Opens November 2020

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